Privacy is a right

Updated 9/7/2020

Our Privacy Philosophy

We take a strong privacy centered approach to guide all the things we build into Ellie. This means everything from the most lighthearted features like "Birthday Mode" to the things that are more serious like scheduling a date with your significant other. Calendars have some of the most personal information about our lives. We take this seriously.

Our approach to protecting privacy can be boiled down to 3 things:
1. Your personal calendar information never leaves your device.
2. We give you complete control.
3. We’ll be 100% transparent.

Your personal data never leaves your device

No further explanation needed.


Some apps choose to only work if you've accepted every single permission, filled out every form, or provided every little piece of data. Not us. If you feel uneasy about sharing any specific information at any point, we respect that and have ways to accommodate data sharing preferences.

Rest assured, we never prompt for any information that doesn’t provide tangible benefit to you in some way. We built Ellie to act like a personal assistant and less like a calendar. The more information your assistant has, the better they can help you.

As an example, Ellie can message your contacts to schedule time, show the closest grocery stores, or send you notifications about your day. All of these features require permissions on your behalf to work. But if you don’t want to share your location, contacts, or allow notifications for any reason, Ellie will still get the basics done.

Just know that we will not monetize Ellie by selling your personal data, creating creepy advertising identifiers linked to third party data and advertising (surveillance) companies. If you’re wondering how we can keep Ellie free for you, check out Ellie for Business.


To make Ellie better we have analytics built into the app. Everyone on Ellie has an anonymous identifier that is used to see trends in aggregate. This helps us understand how people use our features, where Ellie could be better, and what work we should prioritize next.

If you create an Ellie account to take advantage of social scheduling and other features we never tie your phone number, name, or any other personal information to our analytics data. There will never be a way to analyze the calendars of or the behavior of specific individuals in Ellie.

The only two times that associated data ever leaves your device and goes to “the cloud” is information used during social scheduling. The way this works is you create the title of an event, add a time, and choose a contact. In order for Ellie to invite your guest list and find the right time for an event, we need to share the details of that event with the relevant people.

The second time associated data leaves your device is when you create an event on Ellie. For Ellie created events we need a unique identifier to associate checklists and quick actions to your event or reminder. However, we never see these and they stay in icloud so everything can be synced across devices.

Google Login

You can sign into your Google account on Ellie to connect your Google Calendar and Google Tasks. We use this data to show you reminders and events in your timeline. If you choose to do so, you can create new things and save them to your Google account. You can also choose to edit, delete and accept meetings. Your event never leaves you device. The unique identifier of each event is stored in your iCloud for reference to your checklists and other Ellie information.

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