Privacy Policy

We believe that privacy is extremely important and something you should expect out of every application or service you use. 

We did our research and found that Microsoft App Center Analytics are the most privacy focused approach to taking a small amount of usage data. We also use Apple App Analytics. We’ve outlined all of the data that we collect in those services below.

Microsoft App Analytics:

We pull information a random sample of event names, event times and their corresponding emojis. This is used to train our emoji to text machine learning model as well as a future feature we are testing to automatically detect a time for the name of an event. (Ex: “Lunch” would suggest something between 11:00AM to 1:00PM). We also view general, anonymized information on usage, such as what screens are viewed the most, how much time is spent on our app and what country people are using our little app.

Apple App Analytics:

This is a standard analytics package from Apple that is opt-in when setting up your iPhone. It allows our team to see general usage patterns at a high level, such as how many people per day are using our app, which country they are in and what link they came from before downloading the app (to help us understand what is the best way to market in the future).

Do you want to delete the anonymous data we collect? Just turn off usage sharing within Ellie Calendar. We can’t associate back to your device so there is no way to get the data from your device. We don’t know who you are.

All data is deleted after 60 days and not stored in a cold storage type solution.