Find time with anyone almost instantly

Even if you are super busy or they are incredibly flaky, Ellie makes scheduling easy.

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Let Ellie sort it out

Select the people you’d like to do an activity together, choose free time blocks on your Timeline, and send. Your friends will be able to quickly choose which times work for them and Ellie will find the time that works best for everyone.

Coming Soon

Once your friends and family also have Ellie scheduling becomes instant.
The only work you need to do is decide you want to hang out with someone. From there Ellie can figure out the rest and grab time when everyone is available.


Introducing Birthday Mode

If you and a group of close friends want to plan a surprise birthday party for someone you can block a chunk of time on their calendar 2 weeks before or after their birthday.

To help with the surprise, you can ask Ellie to show only specific details such as a location so they know where to go or a link to dial into a specific video chat. The possibilities are endless.


Finally go on that date

Want to do something, but don't know what? Why not just let Ellie decide everything. Just choose a person and a time. That's it.

For now, Ellie will just focus on lunch + dinner plans. In the future Ellie will be able to find community activities, parks and recreation events, and so much more.