Ellie for business

Your new assistant will help you spend more time focusing on the bottom line and spend less energy dealing with the annoying stuff.

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Instant scheduling

Ellie for business can handle the end-to-end scheduling experience.
If your customers have Ellie, you just need their phone number and with their permission, your organization can see their future availability in a private and secure manner.

After booking time, your event has a unique design and brand in their timeline with quick actions they can send back to you. If a customer needs to reschedule for a doctor’s appointment they can do it with a single tap on their timeline which is automatically reflected in Ellie for Business.


Secure business chat

Ellie for business lets you directly chat with customers about upcoming events securely and privately through our secure app.

You can also choose to require biometric authentication to make sure you are talking to the right person.


Enterprise analytics

Data and analytics are useful, but Ellie for business takes it to the next level. Ellie will suggest ways to increase your bottom line.

Keep track of frequency of visits from specific guests, optionally see macro trends from your customers, know best times to follow-up with customers.