The story

Took a leap of faith and fundamentally rethought what a calendar should be


Our story begins in a small apartment in Seattle.

The reason why Ellie exists is simple. Calendar apps aren’t as useful as they should be. Every single calendar app does at most 2 things: looks pretty and maybe shows data from another source or two. For example, showing you the weather. That’s it.

Calendar apps don’t do all that much compared to a journal, planner, or whiteboard. That’s why many people still use them. We challenge you to prove us wrong so we can stop spending so much of our energy building Ellie.

Great design and incorporating multiple data sources should be the bare minimum of what you expect from a calendar. At its core, a digital calendar should:

  • Intelligently provide insights, recommendations, and actionable context
  • Be proactive and help you accomplish your goals
  • Make it easier to find time to spend with others

No calendar truly does this right now. Even the “smartest” calendars out there require you to put in a lot of time to only get a fraction of that time savings back. That’s why we’re building Ellie.

Let Ellie do the hard work of managing your time so you can focus on getting things done.


Liam Bolling


Liam is a Product Manager on Google Maps helping billions of people make decisions every day. Previously was a PM at Microsoft working on Azure smart buildings, founded three technology companies and comes from a software engineering background. He is originally from Germany.

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Cesar Ruiz


Cesar leads all global Election Integrity and Misinformation launches at Twitter. Previously he was a PMM at Microsoft, working on Azure Government and Xbox. He’s a first generation American and graduated from U.C Berkeley with a degree in Business Administration.

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