Our Story

One morning my co-worker brought up that she felt disorganized and had been searching for years to find the perfect app to organize her time. I completely agreed and felt a huge void since my favorite app, Sunrise Calendar, was shutdown and acquired by Microsoft.

Every single one of us only has 24 hours in a single day. We all have to find a way to manage our time, yet the innovation around calendars has been lackluster. The technology community hasn’t innovated how to better manage our time, and ultimately our lives. Calendars have lagged and remain largely unchanged.

Ellie Calendar is our perspective of what a modern time management app should feel like. Ellie is less calendar, and more assistant. The original idea behind a calendar doesn’t make sense in the digital age. Life is dynamic. Calendars are static.

Ellie’s design is focused on you and how you go about your day. While Ellie Calendar will look and feel familiar, it is powered by an intelligent and aggregated timeline filled with the things that occupy your busy day. In addition to the routine day-to-day things that never change, Ellie has built in functionality to serve as your personal assistant. Ellie holds you accountable by making it easier to complete your tasks, provide relevant information and suggest the best time for you to do them.

Our goal with Ellie is to reinvent what calendars should look like in the digital age. Ellie is a calendar that does so much more than hold titles, descriptions, links, and invite lists. Ellie is your personal assistant. With Ellie, spend less time worrying about what you need to do, when to do it, and focus on what is important to you.

Thank you for reading the short story of Ellie and we hope it continues with you!

Liam & Cesar

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