This is your intelligent timeline

Ellie combines all of your reminders and calendars into a single timeline. You can take action on those things, add more details, and check things off as you progress throughout your day.


Re-designed every interaction 

Ellie is designed from the ground-up with the goal of creating what a modern calendar should be. The location pickers shows you an interactive map and the time selector swipes to the nearest hour.


We designed a new way to add things

Reminders and calendar events are used in similarly. Sometimes interchangeably. Ellie can tell if you’re creating an event or reminder. With quick actions, Ellie will make it easier to catch a ride, pay a credit card, and so much more.


Get inspired on how to be better

Ellie empowers you to add your own tasks and gives you a few ideas on how you can live a better life. Ellie even suggests tasks when you have free time and will use machine learning to determine the best emoji to describe it.


An assistant to keep you accountable

Ellie keeps you accountable by remembering what tasks weren’t completed yesterday and offer to move those tasks to today. Ellie can even send you reminders throughout the day, keeping you on track towards accomplish your goals.


All the features you expect in a calendar

When you see your existing calendar events within Ellie, we show every detail you expect. Seeing who is attending an event or the notes that are attached to events are things we couldn’t live without.